Mistakes Were Made!

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Mistakes Were Made!

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Over decades of collecting pictures and videos of '59 Plymouths from disparate sources - everything from Facebook, eBay, other auctions, email correspondence, etc. - not all the dots have been connected. Consequently, you may will find the same car posted multiple times - e.g., once from an eBay extract, another from Facebook Marketplace or other source. These photos of the same car may be different - or they may be the same. It's too hard to keep track of where a car appeared, and when, although every effort will be made.

Furthermore, the line can get blurry between what is a project, and what is a donor car (and hence classified as salvage). Apologies in advance for any miscategorization!


Finally: it could very well happen that you will find images for similar - but, actually different - vehicles inadvertently grouped together as if they are the same vehicle. Again, apologies! The task for you here will be the Sesame Street challenge: "One of these cars is not like the other..."

Now - let's identify the owners!

P.S.: Where you find a date in the subject line of a topic (and not every topic will have one), this is the file date of the earliest acquired image in a set.

P.P.S: At one point - on March 31, 2013, to be exact - I copied some files I had stored in place "A" to place "B", and lost the original file date in the process. If you see a file date of "31MARCH2013", you can assume the actual file acquisition date precedes that.
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