59 Mayfair in Regina Saskatchewan

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59 Mayfair in Regina Saskatchewan

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Hi all, last November I came across an ad for a 59 Dodge on marketplace and it was love at first sight. The car actually is a "Plodge" meaning it's a Canadian version of what would be a Coronet in the states. Front end is Dodge and it's sold as a Dodge,back 2/3 is a Plymouth. Makes sense as I live in Regina Saskatchewan. Sorta runs, drives and stops, but a long way from being reliable and roadworthy. Glad to have found this group as I'm sure I will have many questions. So far, I sent out the badly bent front bumper for straightening and re-chroming and put it back on. Removed the starter and had it rebuilt as it needed a bendix. Still waiting on an ignition switch to arrive. Engine has a broken pushrod and the parts have arrived and that's the next project. Thanks for letting me join!
Thanks, Gary
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Re: 59 Mayfair in Regina Saskatchewan

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Thanks for joining, Gary! I've ripped off collected a boatload of your pix from Facebook, we've got to get you in the Showcase! :D
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