TorqueFlite Push Buttons Available Now!

Hey, I've got this part. Interested in buying it?
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TorqueFlite Push Buttons Available Now!

Post by Faulkner »

Spectacular reproduction 1959 Plymouth TorqueFlite buttons available now!

In 1959 Plymouths, transmission pushbuttons were illuminated via a clear plastic window in the instrument housing. For this to work effectively, the plastic that the buttons were made from needed to be transparent, and - to survive decades of use - needed to be strong, given that their complex shape can result in stress fractures.


Unfortunately, the clear plastic ink that is used in 3D printers in order to meet the transparency requirement, does not meet the strength requirement. The result is brittle, and the buttons easily fracture. However - Dick Koch has perfected a technique using epoxy resin that perfectly mimics factory originals! This technique also eliminates the tiny bubbles that might otherwise be visible and detract from the appearance, given the requirement for transparency.

Light 'em up! Green LED dash lights used in this example

Individual buttons are available for $45 each, or you can get a complete set for $200. Note: You will need to reuse the covers that slip onto the ends of the buttons, these are not included.

Free shipping in the lower 48! Buttons are made to order one week after the check clears, made out to:

Richard Koch
4951 S. Kay St.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

For additional details or inquiries, call Dick at (five six one) five nine six - two seven four nine.
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Re: TorqueFlite Push Buttons Available Now!

Post by kenmorton »

That is great news for a lot of '59 Fury owners. Fortunately mine are still okay.
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