Cruise-in, Somerset, Kentucky July 2020

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Cruise-in, Somerset, Kentucky July 2020

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The popular Somernights Cruise-in just had it's first Cruise-in this year. The Somernights Cruise-in is a one-weekend a month destination for vintage vehicles owners here in Sought-Central Kentucky. The Somernights Cruise-in has been happening every fourth weekend each month (April-Oct) for the past 20 years. This year however, the Corona Virus situation has cancelled the event every month this year, since April until this July weekend and then it limited the weekend event to Saturday only. The old town square is the epicenter of the event that branches out to side streets and parking lots within a three-block radius of the town square. Normally the event will average between 2,000 & 3,000 cars and there is a lot to see. This particular limited Saturday event had an estimated 1,200 cars in attendance. The Saturday event was from 1pm-7pm on the square, but afterward, the organization will escort the cars from the town square out to a six lane strip so they can cruise the strip the rest of the night. (Ref:

Since I had only been to one other car event this year, I decided to drive down to Somerset with my 1959 Sport Fury. The car is in top original condition and boy did it get a lot of attention. I had three different people come up to me and tell me it was the prettiest car in the show. I naturally eat these type of comments up and spent the afternoon talking to interested people about the car's features. I belong to several car organizations (AACA, Ply Owner's Club, Walter P. Chrysler Club etc) and have done some research on members and their cars as they relate to Kentucky and have come to the conclusion that my 59 Sport Fury is the only on like it in the state. I had one person comment to me that he has seen photo's of a 59 Sport Fury but has never seen one in person. (Virgil Exnor - your forward-look designs span generations).

At the cruise-in, one will see just about everything and anything as it relates to motion. As an example, I ran into a 1972 International Harvester white limousine. In talking with the owner he said he found it in a barn in eastern Kentucky where it had been stored for many years. You will also notice the young girl on the "Tracker" wheel chair as well as someone's pedal car. It is a wonderful event and has brought money into the Somerset economy via attendees reserving local hotel rooms for the weekend, not to mention filling local restaurants for many years past. (The photo's of people wondering the streets appears that they were not social distancing but in reality people were spacing themselves)
1972 IH Limosine-1 Ronald Rose, 942 Oak Grove Ch.Rd, Tyner, Ky40486 (606-493-8072).JPG
1972 IH Limosine-2.JPG
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Re: Cruise-in, Somerset, Kentucky July 2020

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Thanks for posting, Art! Your Sport Fury shows spectacularly, as always.

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